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I often get asked how LiveU devices can be used for security and military on-spot surveillance and monitoring. The possibilities that enable secure remote monitoring and command of hot spots or unfolding situations.

LiveU can provide a bonded cellular connectivity from a LiveU LU610 encoder with eight 3G, 4G or 5G cellular connections, providing a fully redundant, dual path system anywhere in Nigeria to headquarters in Lagos, Abuja or any State capital.

The adoption of bonded cellular technology enables a fitted vehicle to navigate remote areas and access areas where there might be restrictions typically associated with broadcasting in urban locations while allowing the vehicle to remain mobile.

Our design incorporates a roof-mounted PTZ camera, for example, which can be utilized to show current driving conditions while the vehicle is en route to a particular location, or whilst at a location.

With the dual path connectivity, the return video is also sent to the field. This allows those monitoring to see a clean feed from the network which enables them to talk over the video, give instructions and know when they’re live on camera. The vehicles can also send IFB audio to those in the field.

Utilising LiveU matrix feed can also be shared with other stakeholders, recorded and used for security planning, tracking and identifying individuals of interest etc.

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