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In the USA, it costs $5 (=N=2000) to get a license to fly a drone.

You don’t talk to anyone. You go online, fill in your details, upload a valid ID, pay the fees and have your licence printed and also send as a PDF to your email.

In Nigeria. You pay =N=600,000 and write an application to the NSA and Federal Aviation Authority with a business plan asking you be allowed to fly a drone, then wait for 6 months for approval. Hopefully, you know someone there who can help you ensure it gets approved. If they say “No”, your =N=600,000 is gone. If they say yes, everytime you fly you must file a flight plan bla bla bla!

While kids in secondary schools in other countries are building drone tech, we are here dealing with a Government that is easing the way we do business! Maybe if we just started with the basic things. Maybe then…



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