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I have just had a conversation with a top Nigerian Executive of owners of DSTV in Nigeria. What he passed on to me in a conversation is that Nigerians are Idle if what concerns them is why Big Brother Nigeria is bring shot in South Africa. That Nigerians should concern themselves with a country that has no power, good education, hospitals and no power. That those raising issues are ingrates, guess that means me too! 

He wondered why anyone has the temerity to tell him how to run his business. He asked has he stolen anyones money? The pain was obvious as he narrated experiences of how his business pays 35 different taxes to a government that provides no support for his business. How he pays for rights for foreign stations predicated on USD200 to the Naira, and how today he has to pay N400 for a dollar that he can’t even access.

He explained how every Nigerian wants to make a quick buck from DSTV productions. The experiences of the last Big Brother in Nigeria, where the generator sponsor pulled the plug on the generators and put the show into 8 hours of off-air blackness, to the NBC threatening to pull the plug on the show, to legislators and religious groups blackmailing the show over shower hour; to exploitation from every single person involved with the show. Legal cases from apartment owners from whom accommodation was leased to issues with consumer protection council.

He says as a Nigerian they owe nothing to Nigeria, and that government should first off all make the country business friendly. That all he’s concerned about his the Nigerian viewer. He has a right to run his business anyhow and everyone should mind their business. 

Honestly, I feel his pain. Who wouldn’t. I refuse to respond right now, but your views and comments would be appreciated.



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