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At IBST we’re coping with the new normal. Many international clients have been unable to navigate travel bans, so by utilizing our remote technologies for production we’ve been able to get around that. But now that restrictions are lifting gradually what’s the new normal going to look like? For clients, crew and artists, the conditions under which they shoot will be important. Restrictions and norms will differ based on many things, as well as the comfort level of the talent and the necessities of the shoot from a creative perspective.

This is the new territory we are in. New measures will involve having fewer people present on set. Using video streaming, conferencing software and technology that allows directors and producers to interact with crews remotely, even enabling camera operators to adjust their shots automatically.

At IBST we’ve been helping those unwilling or unable to travel, with our LiveU technology and a system that utilizes video streaming and our conferencing format so that producers and directors (and other members of a client’s creative team) can join from their own location hundreds or thousands of miles away.

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