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Earlier this week, I raised some pertinent questions regarding the CBN Bankers Committee deal regarding the National Theatre to revamp and the 135 acres of land to be utilized for multi-purposed development. Reactions were amazing but the responses failed to answer the questions. Personally, the investment and revamp of the NT are needed. We all know that. Most probably the deal might be a good one. And for what it’s worth the deal has been done. So, let there be transparency and the details provided to the general public like in any sane society. The government must meet the responsibility by ensuring information is made public when public utility services and land are commercialized.

The process is more than just carrying people along in decision-making. It involves safeguarding the public interest, it means keeping them informed, and communicating to them why certain things are in their interest. It means not taking them for granted. Some of these dealmakers are very enlightened; leaders, bank CEOs, Corporate barons, Ministers, and Governors. Why must pressure be exerted for them to do the right things, if not for the disdain they have for their people?

We must fight against that. Accountability and transparency must never be compromised in this country again.



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