What We Do?


In addition to our hardworking, highly skilled and professional crews, from Producers, Directors, DOP’s, Art Directors, Camera Operators, Production Managers, and other technicians and artisans, IBST has a veritable pool of technical resources that are all held in stock at our offices in Lagos.   We provide a diverse range of cameras and accessories to meet any type of production raging from Arri, Sony, Canon and Black Magic HD, 2k, and 4k Cameras.   This is supported by an extensive range oh Lighting equipment, grip and accessories from HMI’s, Kinoflos, Tungsten and specialty lighting for any type of production.  We have in our books two UK trained Drone Pilots who are able to fly any DJI Drone such as the Inspire or Phantom, which invariably we also have in stock.  For more details about our production facilities and equipment either for hire or production just email info@ ibstmedia.com or download our equipment list.

Post Production
Our post-production facilities are the most advanced in Nigeria, working through all types of workflows based on Adobe creative suite. Three Apple Mac workstations, one HP workstation, one final audio mix suite and one archiving and coding workstation provide a full range of editing, graphics, VFX, SFX and animation capabilities for our productions.  Our fully integrated post-production facility runs on a Promax Server, 78TB Raid 6, and 10GB Copper Ethernet Network making collaborative workflows from HD, 2k through to 4K easy and accessible.  Also available are archiving, digitizing and content indexing services which we aggregate and make available to clients on their own personalized API turning your content into sustainable assets that add value to your business.

Our Services

The IBST team has over sixty years collective experience working within some of the leading companies in the industry. We are able to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise, meaning we have the right team for you, no matter what your requirements may be. We offer the very best equipment, along with highly experienced crews hand-picked for your production, to ensure the best results at the right price.

We are able to offer advice and assistance in all genres of shooting including drama, documentary, multi-camera, outside broadcast and self-shooting projects. Our friendly team is small enough for the personal touch, whilst being backed by the extensive resources of a company that has a great track record, extensive contacts and the most trusted in the production industry in Nigeria, which allows us to offer a quality bespoke service for all your equipment and crewing needs.

We offer unrivalled project management, technical advice and support twenty-four hours a day. We have a passion for what we do, and our investment in people, skills and the latest equipment means that IBST Crew is your go-to production partner for high quality, friendly and efficient service when working in Nigeria and the West Coast of Africa.

Since we started business in 2002 we have been supplying the latest broadcast and video equipment at the very best prices.  What’s different about the way we hire, is that we just don’t hire to anyone that walks through our doors.  As a result we have available easily equipment that is well maintained; equipment used by professionals, so they are in the best condition.

Our hire policy is based on our world location, Lagos Nigeria, where we need to constantly ensure that the equipment we have available is not only the latest, but able to be used by some of the worlds top production companies and professionals, at a moments notice.

Over the years clients that have worked with us include CCTV from China, APTV from France, TV, Swiss TV, National Geographic, Red Rock Films, Steeplechase Films and Green Planet Films from the USA, World TV, Proudfoot TV, Odyssey Networks from the USA, Wrapt Films from the UK, Moland Films from Denmark and a host of others too numerous to mention.

We have available a wide range of 4k, 2k and HD cameras with various accessories, Tripods, Batteries, Chargers.  HMI, Tungsten, Fluorescent LED and Soft lighting, Grip Equipment, and other in-field production equipment and accessories including Drones, Monitors, Gimbals etc.

For more information on the equipment, we have available you can download a list on this website.

We provide the most trusted and reliable Line Production Service in Nigeria.  We make that bold statement with pride, because we can provide you references from across the world, from production companies and individuals that have worked with IBST.

Most importantly, we tell you the truth, and help you actualize your objectives in the most transparent, cost efficient and reliable way.    We basically hold the hands of our clients as we walk them through the issues, of Visas, working permits, filming permits, equipment carnets, arrival and

meet at airport, transport, security, accommodation, fixing, research, location scouting and photography, casting, and provisions of crews and equipment for your production.

If you need to know more about how easy we can make things for you, contact us, and we will provide you references that will put you to sleep.


Our various custom designed streaming solutions has been developed and designed to provide hitch free streaming solutions.  We are able to deliver functionalities based directly on client requirements. These capabilities enable us to deliver unique experiences such as live streams directly into Facebook Newsfeed, live multi-language interactive webcasting and live webcasts, which dynamically alter their content based on viewer feedback.

We are able to offer streaming services, but also multi-camera production, single camera production and feeds for large screen events in multiple locations.  Other services we offer include:

Video webcasts, which involve the delivery of audio and video onto multiple devices with optional interactive elements. These webcasts have a wide range of uses including live video launches, fashion shows, film premieres, 24/7 webcasts from remote locations, conferences, and interactive question and answer sessions.

Live Presentation webcasts, which include PowerPoint, slide synchronization with optional moderated Q&A and Polls and other interactive facilities designed to deliver the effect of a corporate presentation or event to your online audience.

We can look after as little or as much of the process as you want us to. We can offer an end to end solution where we handle everything from connectivity to camera crews but we also work with some of our clients by plugging into their existing productions to deliver a simple encode and partial page build service.

If you have spent a lot of money in the past 5 years or more creating content and digital assets such as photos, press adverts, publications, videos and you don’t where they all are, or able to utilize them as assets for your business, you’re in a bad way, and you need to pay attention to setting up your creative and digital assets for success.

This is the digital era characterized by instant gratification and shrinking attention spans. Today’s viral sensation becomes yesterday’s news overnight. The number of channels and customer touch-points are growing exponentially, with communication and marketing teams struggling to produce a greater volume and variety of content to keep pace with the constant churn.

One thing’s for sure: creative assets – the videos, photography, artwork, videos, logos, press adverts, publications and collateral that are key to connecting your customer to your brand – are in higher demand than ever. Email, network drives and cloud storage simply weren’t built to handle the volume of content and processes involved with creating, archiving, approving, multi-purposing and distributing all these assets.  Worse, still if you don’t know where they all are, you are already behind and will continue to struggle to put value to these assets.

At IBST we turn this chaos into opportunity, for  marketing and creative teams that want to seize it, and find a way to eliminate the communication and technology gaps slowing them down.


Even the best creative assets are worthless if they’re locked up. So rather than burying creative assets in silos and creating the potential for duplicates and errors, organize them in one central repository and open up permission-based access to everyone who needs them.  Give them the power to repurpose and distribute this content via social media.  Create an army of your brand advocates.


We provide you the opportunity with our solutions, to unite your teams and creative assets on a common, cloud-based platform so they can succeed across channels and touch-points that you define.  No more detached systems and processes for every interaction. Synchronize your work processes, reviews, and approvals.  Empower your team to pull and share content from the same source instead of wading through anarchy of folders and file names and content all over the place, with different agencies and vendors.


Communication teams utilize scores of technology solutions every day. We get them working together.

IBST will provide solutions that automate tedious processes and fully integrated platforms, apps and social media tools thet enable your team to work faster, more efficiently and creatively, providing you with Live links, asset scheduling, social media interaction, and also lets you automatically update your content continuously on your touch points with just a couple clicks

Other things we do for you are:

– Enable you to understand what your assets are worth.

Analyze your digital assets to determine investment.

– Provide you hidden sources of value.

Quantify sources of savings and value.

– Calculate impact and measurability tools

Model scenarios for investment and return.

After we signed an agreement to implement a Digital Asset Management Solution for MTN Nigeria in 2017, IBST has finalized and installed a DAM system for all Digital content assets of MTN Nigeria. The platform will take the historical and current content assets of MTN and make them available to all MTN staff, vendors and partners through this new and exciting enterprise platform, that be integrated with their internal SharePoint platform as well.

The service will provide for digitization of all content on a sustained basis to all accessible digital formats, delivering metadata, contextual search, archiving, storage, distribution and social media interfaces. This is the first of its kind installation and platform in Nigeria for a major organization, and IBST is proud as usual to pioneer and another first in the content industry in Nigeria.

The roll-out of this Digital Asset Management Platform for MTN is just another example of how content and technology can be used to enhance the internal structure of an organization, whilst also positioning it to take full advantage of how content can be properly utilized to create conversations with customers and connect with them to deliver empathy, returns on emotional revenues that lead to a higher bottom line, and for MTN, a brighter life for their customers.