Whether it’s a high-end TV Ad, an emotive brand film or a short and punchy product video, or you just need a crew and equipment to work with, our talented in-house creative and production teams can deliver the full content spectrum. We create video across the full spectrum of content types, taking the challenge out of trying to join up different aspects of a production. Ours is a one-sop-shop. We will ensure that we create content that connect with your audience’s passions, designed to continue engagement and drive loyalty every step of the journey.

Post Production & Editing

Working with some of the most talented editors, we support any kind of story telling in an environment that is comfortable, friendly and attuned to your most stringent requirements of creativity, quality, professionalism and efficiency. Our 5 edit suites are networked via a 20GB Shared Promax Server enabling the editing of 4k footage on the fly, either with Adobe Creative Suite, Avid or Da Vinci. We have a 5.1 Surround Audio Studio to ensure we deliver great audio and more importantly you get to work with some of the most experienced editors, audio engineers, animators, colourists available in the Nigerian market.

Production Services

As the No. 1 video production company in West Africa, what we bring to the table is simple; we can assist you in delivering and servicing any production in our region. We can work with you through the process of research, creation, development and producing your video. Our services cover a wide range, that include research, location scouting, casting, line production and live production for international clients. For the local client, from brainstorming and content development, all the way through the production process, editing and post-production, you can rest assured that IBST a comfortable, confident and creative experience that leads to a great product. For the international client we can help you through your visa applications, entry requirements, equipment carnets,, fixing and provision of high quality equipment and crews; when you stop at our doorstep, we take you through a hassle free process that ensures we get the work done together, seamlessly. What this all means is that we can develop, guide, and execute your project all under one roof, allowing for control and delivery of quality, vision and message at an affordable price, with greater efficiencies from a company that will provide you the utmost in professional video production services, leaving you to enjoy the work experience with minimum hassles!

Video Streaming, Webcasting and Live Links

IBST are creative technologists utilizing the latest technologies to deliver content events. We use and access flexible tools so that our clients can deliver exciting and engaging live streaming events. We’ve been doing this for many clients and helping some of the world’s best brands engage with their audience in new and exciting ways. We are constantly looking for new and creative solutions and in a world of virtual connectivity boundaries are being broken down daily in live streaming and webcasting. We’ve built an array of interactive tools and features to help our clients make the most of going live from any location to the rest of the world. We are ideally suited to stream an event to your Facebook followers, integrate a VIP event with Zoom or Blue Jeans and Live inserts or create a secure and private corporate webcast. IBST can help you connect with your audience and customers in an engaging way.

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Multicamera & Live Coverages

We specialise in multi-camera production, land content creation for organisations, brands, agencies and commercial companies, including corporate events, conferences and AGM’s amongst many other type of events. Alongside this our live production facilities provide you a full complement of up to 12 multicamera HD coverage either live to social media or simultaneously also to a live broadcast. Utilised with our engagement tools, live streaming services we help brands and organisations reach across the globe with live stream of their events to audiences on a global scale whilst guaranteeing views and reach.

The current global crisis also presented brands, content creators and broadcasters with a
unique set of challenges. Major changes in policy and behaviour have altered working practices immeasurably and perhaps, for the foreseeable future. So, with the health of individuals the top priority, how companies continue to present their messages safely to an audiences is now more important. Our remote production solutions capture our principles of innovation, quality service and the drive to do things differently. Providing all the power, functionality and quality of a TV studio gallery set up, whilst being completely remotely operated. You can also view your local productions and collaborate sitting in your offices anywhere in the world. Our motivation is simple: let’s keep this industry moving forward, with safety for all and the highest broadcast standards. And lets make things easy for you to get involved and control your production safely.