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If you’re a broadcaster, production company or facilities provider LiveU’s On-site Production Solution significantly reduces assembly and staff time, travel and equipment transport which save on costs and your carbon footprint.

LiveU’s Wireless REMI Production solution lets you produce live events from a remote centralized studio control room instead of using on-site production and satellite trucks. What that means is if you’ve invested in a large OB truck, Satellite uplinks and other live production paraphernalia your days are numbered especially in Africa, where cost of fuel is high, road network challenging, security issues exist and the high cost of maintaining a OB van is exorbitant.

LiveU REMI solution and IBST Production capacity simply means from a Centralized location in Lagos or anywhere else, a production can be executed anywhere in Nigeria (without leaving our Lagos studio for instance). From our centralised location our facilities provide a capacity to view, mix and remotely control up to 24 cameras, 24 channels of audio, communication between the central studio location and those in the field. We can insert graphics, replay and slo motion, video inserts all from one central location.

The field production team simply travel with only cameras and accessories and our LiveU devices.

Some of these solutions were recently deployed in Lagos for a Live Multicamera production of Africa Knockout, a Mixed Martial Arts Tournament live to Supersports for 6 hours from Lagos. No OB Van or Satellite Truck in sight.

And guess what with LiveU you can take your live feed and using our cloud distribution services send your feed simultaneously to as many broadcasters, social media, OTT and pay per view platforms as you like.

It’s a new way of working and you will save huge costs. Imagine the huge investment in a OB Van, when you can save more than 50% on initial investment and more that 70% on recurrent and operational costs.

Buzz me directly on +2348034387293 or send me a mail at for more information.

And if you’re going to IBC in Amsterdam let me know and I’ll set up a demo with our technical and sales team.

More details about LIVE U Here

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